Trading In Forex And Binary Options

What is Trading ?

  • Trading is the simply buying, selling or exchanging of assets on trading or Broker platforms.

What are the different types of Trading ?

  • There mostly two types are present
  1. Forex trading
  2. Binary option trading

1.Lets Know About Forex Trading

  • Forex is also called as Foreign Exchange Market ( Other terms like Forex, FX or currency market) .
  • .The currency exchange rates can be determined by this market.This market includes all aspects of exchanging, buying and selling.
  • This is used for long term trading
  • Trading can be performed with forex brokers.

2.What Is Binary Options Trading ?

  • Binary options are taken as short term trading
  • As same as Forex brokers, Binary options trading can be performed with the help of binary options brokers.
  • Binary Meaning : We can call it a simplest form of trading.

What is the Difference between Forex And Binary

1) Sutaible for
long term trading.
1) Sutaible for
short term
2)Great experience needed.2)No Great experience needed.
3)High difficulty level.3)Less difficulty
4)We can do trading on matatrader 4,metatrader 5 and also available on Ios and Android apps.4)We can do trading on options trader such as binary online trading through broker’s websites and iphone and android apps.

For Earning You Must have to Remember This …

  • In this field of trading you should have control on your emotions.
  • If Sometimes you lose the money then don’t act act emotionally and trade bigger amount for further trades.
  • You should have to be calm and should have patience for market becoming good as per your strategies.
  • There are some points to follow before you start trading.
  • To know these points (click here)
  • If you be emotionally strong and don’t lose your focus then winning chances can be increase.

There Are Some Charts Used To Understand Trading Market

  1. Area Chart (Line Chart).
  2. Japanese Candlesticks Chart.
  3. Bars.
  4. Heiken Ashi.

These charts are important to see the movement of market or any assets.

1.Area Chart (Line Chart).

This is how a area chart is looks like.This is easy to understand for those who haven’t any knowledge of trading.Just guess the direction of line for selected time in upward (call or buy) or downward (put or sell) direction.

2.Japanese Candlesticks Chart.

Worldwide candlestick patterns are referred to analyse the market.This can be tough to under for beginners in trading.But believe me this can be really helpful to forecast the market easily.

3.Bars (Chart).

Technical analysts use bar chart to monitor the price performance of assets,Which helps in making trading decisions.Bars helps to analyse the trends or spot potential trend reversals and to check volatility/price movements.

4.Heiken Ashi.

It is similar to the candlesticks,but both have their different purposes. Heikin-Ashi candles has a smoother look,It is essentially taking an average of the movement. There is a tendency with Heikin-Ashi for candles to stay red in colour during a downtrend and green in colour during an uptrend, whereas normal candlesticks alternate color even if the price is moving dominantly in one direction.

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